Hi! I'm Pavel

I'm currently a full-stack SDET specializing in automation, deep-dive QA, and internal tool development.

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Automation & pipelines

I've set up deployment pipelines projects large and small. Remember when Jenkins was called Hudson? I remember.

Deep-dive QA & Technical Research

Root-cause analysis is fun! My sharp analytical skills, breadth of knowledge, and attention to detail are a valuable asset to any team.

Internal tooling & documentation

I make tools that make it easier for dev & QA to do their jobs, including knowledge management.


Video encoding/processing/streaming, autonomous vehicles, embedded Linux devices (including IoT), hardware (PCB design, soldering, light electrical engineering, general hardware hacking), and computer security.


Pottery on the wheel, blacksmithing, house/acid/techno on vintage synths & drum machines, retrocomputing, gardening/permaculture/sustainability/low-tech solutions/off-grid life/homesteading, DIY electric vehicles, amateur radio (KG7LZB) + EmComm, and many more...

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